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Note from the President and CEO

Note from the President and CEO

Adelle Davis  wrote many books, articles and so forth. I found this book among  her  collective writings, “You Can Get Well” published in 1975, by John  Lust. Adelle Davis wrote:

“Dedicated to a person whose name I do not  know, who lived I know not when, but who first said “an ounce of  prevention is worth a pound of cure.” -Adelle Davis

Adelle Davis lived and wrote in the post-World War II era, at that time the United States was enthralled with freedom of choice. If at that time the Health Food Movement had motto it would be: “Freedom of Choice in Nutrition.” Blind freedom is “not freedom, but license” and Adelle was determined that her clients and readers would not be in the dark about the scientific basis of nutritional education.
Consider this when reading Adelle Davis’ books: The picture that Adelle Davis saw, and which she repeatedly describes, is that the body does best when all of the known nutrients have been available, as well as fresh food sources for obtaining nutrients yet to be discovered by science. In all of Adelle’s books the phrase “When the diet is made adequate…” is often found. Adelle Davis’ philosophy is knowing the amounts of nutrients that the body requires under given conditions, her readers can make educated decisions about what substances to include in the diet. This is true freedom of choice in nutrition.

In Adelle Davis’ books she describes what is happening biochemically in the body (or psychoanalytically, in certain instances); Davis then explains how nutrition and supplementation can and have often alleviated problems in the human body. Davis describes the amounts of the nutrients necessary to alleviate what ales the body, and how the science has determined these amounts; and finally, Davis describes the food sources for the nutrient which can help.