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Vitamins for Your Hair

Adelle Davis_Ebony_Mag_Feb_1976

To the right you can see an old ad for vitamins, below is information about the current “head start” product. The right is an ad from Ebony Magazine February 1976.

You’ll find nothing included in any of the Head Start System hair vitamins which doesn’t have a sound physical, metabolic or nutritional reason for being there. There are no herbs or ground peppers in our products, only completely safe nutrients which are scientifically proven to be involved in hair keratin production. Our b-Vitamins, folate (folic acid), nicotinic acid (niacin / vitamin B3) and biotin hair vitamin formulas for problem hair can promote thicker hair and assist in getting hair growing to its maximum. They function like hair food to feed the needs of your hair follicles.

Most people using Head Start ® find that they no longer need to take a separate daily MultiVitamin formula since our three phases together provide the full range of supplementation they were getting from their Multi but with the added advantage that the Head Start ® ingredients are also geared for greater benefit to the hair follicles than are basic over-the-counter MultiVitamin tablets. In this manner you save the extra cost of the duplication of ingredients from the daily Multi you may have been purchasing before through daily use of the Head Start.

If you are using a product with minoxidil, you may also use Head Start ® hair vitamins with no adverse effect for getting hair to grow faster and thicker. It functions like hair food to make problem hair into thicker hair, without the side-effects of minoxidil. Getting hair vitamins working for you as a kind of hair food can produce thicker hair and healthier hair with only benefit for a healthier, better looking head of hair.