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Fight COVID 19 Through Good Nutrition

Building your health is the best way to fight disease or infection

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Adelle how did you first become interested in nutrition actually I came indirectly because I lived on Indiana farm as a kid and from the time I was ten until eighteen I was very very active in 4 H clubs and as a result of this for his club worth we had a lot of roundups at Purdue University and so I got very fond all my sisters had gone to Indiana University and the only thing they taught it Purdue was Home economics so I started out at Home Economics then I went on and got my Hospital training in New York City as a dietitian and I was very disillusioned by that because I was all full of idealism and how we could make people help they was good in nutrition and and the diet’s were just horrible we fed people in nineteen cents a day if they got a gun in their hands they could shot us I’m sure but we didn’t see the people and so I didn’t like that I like people too much Adelle

Nutrition is Taken Granted

I would say that nutrition is taken pretty much for granted in America why I’m not sure nutrition second program the unwritten forum person will think that it’s a food if they’re not hungry they’re well nourished I think that’s perhaps what you mean unfortunately that isn’t true we have just an appalling another sickness in America now we have millions of people have heart disease millions of arthritis 22 million have allergies and and there are so many millions of people with diseases they’ve either got bad eyes or we’ve got brain damage or we have mentally defective so that they’re in the hospitals there’s a tremendous number of people in hospital beds you know even though they’re letting putting them people out on tranquilizers in hospital beds because of mental illness which is turning out more and more and more to be an official thing how much of that sickness would you say is nutritional I think that a very great great deal of sickness is because of the refined foods I think we’re literally at the mercy of the unethical food refined food people the people who take all the minerals and vitamins all the sugar out of the flour make hydrogenated fats rather than leave the natural good fats our pediatricians and obstetricians trained in nutrition so medical schools are beginning to give some work in nutrition but none of us adequate most of them have had but the tragedy is that they have such terrific power over the girls and over the women and the babies for instance I have yet to know a baby unless it’s nursed who’s on a good diet I have never known a farmer be adequate you’ve written another book on disease and health let’s get well yes can you really avoid disease through good nutrition some you can and some you can’t a great deal of whether there’s some been much many interesting work in the past in which native races who had no refined foods whatsoever have been investigated and they found that there was tremendously good health there was no heart disease no cancer no diabetes no gallbladder disease no mental disease no crime no drugs no alcohol ISM and so on and apparently if our food were good but our nutrients needed to build good health are being thrown away why do you feel that most of the American public doesn’t eat that way because we’ve heard the year’s news new to propaganda we’ve been told that certain cereals build champions when it did not you feed it to rats and they die of any of the cold cereals we’ve been told the fight bred build strong bodies so many ways dr. Roger Williams took ten or twelve different types of white bread also cold and rich and fed to rats they all died in about six weeks and almost all them died and he brought it out that term at that time was when prisoners would be kept on Brittany’s drive down what’s your recommendation for adult consumption of milk well I think adults would be much healthier if they had a whole quart of milk a day for instance there’s something like 6 million women with aching backs because the bones have been demineralized milk is your bun your best sources of protein I like to recommend at least a quart of milk a day to everybody and it’s the only good source of calcium it’s excellent source of b2 which is extremely important vitamin but we’ve been told that milk is also a source of cholesterol which is supposedly dangerous to them well the cholesterol problem as there’s a lot of misinformation on that of course and by physicians again because I ever been trained nutrition cholesterol is high only when the foods are so refined that we haven’t the nutrients to utilize it well are there any general rules that you can throw out to the public for keeping themselves healthy with good nutrition yes I believe that in quite a video detail while ago just natural foods whole-grain bread cereals fruits vegetables milk cheese eggs it’s that simple it’s that simple there’s nothing refined if you really want to build out