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Yahoo Group: Adelle Davis Revisited

From Yahoo Groups:

In large part, Adelle Davis effectively created the Health Food Movement through her voluminous and motivational writing, substantiated through the best scientific research, as well as her expertise and experience in the field of nutritional counseling. Today, there are very few if any nutritionist writers of equal caliber or impact. She must not be forgotten, as her work is of utmost importance in a world getting farther and farther from her oft-touted aim: Optimum Health.

This group is for discussing her work, and our experiences with it, though not limited strictly to those areas. Anything arising from her work or her life is welcome.

The list owner is maintaining a website of the same title as the group (see link below), with the full consent of the heirs of Adelle Davis. She is no expert in any part of the field of nutrition, but does have several decades of happy experience behind her of trying out Adelle’s advice for herself and her family and friends. She very much wants to learn from and share with others, some of the rich knowledge imparted by Adelle.

Rules: (1) The list owner will keep the group free of spam (defined as unsolicited off-topic posts) and spammers, and other comparably-inconsiderate behavior including use of profanity, vulgarity, and insults. Such will be cause for removal without comment. (2) Arguments are allowed if they stick to the point, and are solely objective, not personal attacks. (3) It’s very desirable for members to cut and paste a brief section of text from any post that is being referred to. (4) Likewise, it is very important to give full source information when making a claim.

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