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Thoughts from the President’s Council Brunch

Thoughts from the President’s Council Brunch

Santa Barbara City College, sponsored by The Foundation for SBCC, Sunday, October 21, 2012

By, Michael Thompson
·         It turned out to be a really beautiful day, after an early shower. The Indoor/Outdoor venue and Mimosas with brunch set a very nice California Coastal, Santa Barbara, Ocean View, table for the patrons and guests.
·         Opening remarks from Neil Kreisel, FSBCC President were given with financial update and a “ These funds were used for……”,  Use of Proceeds type report. These types of reports are always (some times necessarily) cold, sterile, and net of life experiences produced by the numbers.
·         President  Lori Gaskin’s remarks took Mr. Kreisel’s numbers and put them into terms that spelled out the “Use of Proceeds” in graphic, human and personal terms by her relating several recent anecdotes about her first days at “the Treasure that is Santa Barbara City College”, including an amusing visit to Isla Vista On a Friday Night!
·          She was personable, professional, engaging, and extremely well spoken in her well timed comments. She spoke of her 30 years of employment in the California Community College System (her ONLY job so far in life) with good memories and a well chosen few words about how much she has always thought of SBCC. (“already ranked in the top 10 state Community Colleges, and headed, without question, to Number 1!”)
·         A question from the audience gave her a chance to inform (not advocate, but inform) the attendees concerning upcoming legislation. (Prop 30 and 38) This legislation might have a significant effect on the college’s ability to continue the already curtailed selection and variety of course offerings needed by City College students going on to higher learning opportunities throughout the state. This she did very effectively, thereby revealing her obvious knowledge of the implications to SBCC and education in general.
I’m sure I am not alone in stating that I left the venue with a renewed confidence in the future of SBCC and a very positive impression of the institution’s future under Ms. Gaskin’s Administration.