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PARC Thank You Letter

The letter states:

On behalf of the PARC foundation and its board of directors, I would like to thank you for your donation in the amount of $2000 towards the Teen Culinary Arts Program.

More than ever, the support we receive from individual donors like you is essential for the preservation and enhancement of our precious recreation programs.

As can see from the newspaper articles, the enclosed flyers and brochures plus your first hand visits, the program participants gained valuable skills, which could assist them should they chose to pursuit the culinary Arts and a career. If not, we are sure they learned how to provide their families with healthier, more exciting and varied meal options.

We are of great appreciation to you, who has take a personal interest in the program. You have supported us 2 years in a row, you visited the program and you advocate other to also provide financial contribution the the program. Your support has be invaluable.

About the PARC Foundation

The PARC Foundation was incorporated in 1986 to serve
the community by:

Developing partnerships to provide resources for parks and recreational programs and facilities and special events.

  • Managing endowment funds to support permanent programs, such as the Douglas Family Preserve maintenance fund and the Harriet Miller
  • Youth Fund benefiting the Santa Barbara Youth Council.
  • Holding funds for community groups and programs that support our mission. These organizations benefit from PARC’s tax exempt status in accepting donations and grants.
  • Engaging in special projects as opportunities arise, such as Kid’s World in Alameda Park and Skaters Point in Chase Palm Park.
  • Providing resources to organizations that support our mission.

PARC Foundation Board of Directors

On August 31, 2006, there were 17 members on the PARC Board. The officers and board members are listed below:

  • Desmond O’Neill – President
  • Rosalind Amorteguy – Vice President (Incoming president 9/1/06)
  • Paul Menzel – Vice President
  • Howard Hudson – Secretary/Treasurer
  • Tom Caesar
  • Ada Conner
  • Rusty Fairly
  • Iya Falcone – City Council Representative
  • Jeff Farrell
  • Steve Forsell – Parks and Recreation Commission Representative
  • Roger Horton – Pearl Chase Society Representative
  • Robert Patterson
  • Al Pizano
  • Nancy Rapp – Parks and Recreation Director
  • Katie O’Reilly Rogers
  • Jean Schuyler
  • Phil Van Horn

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