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Nutrition in Action at UCSB

A Thank You from Faculty at UC Santa Barbara

Christina Markos

The Adelle Davis Foundation is thrilled to receive a wonderful compliment in regards to our partnership with UC Santa Barbara’s (UCSB)  health and wellness program and our commitment to Nutrition in Action at schools, colleges and universities nationwide. We have a longstanding close relationship with UCSB and help support their influential efforts. The Adelle Davis Foundation and UCSB like to combine forces and come up with new ways to promote nutrition and health on campus through a variety of programs, as well as their ICP Internship Course. Last quarter we had an amazing intern from UCSB who was actively involved with the health and wellness program, Gauchos in the Kitchen (a student led healthy cooking club), the Gaucho Certified Farmer’s Market and was able to interview Patricia Bragg, who donated many bags full of her amazing healthy products. Our relationship with UCSB also gives to courses in nutrition, and Amy Jamieson MS, PES, AASDN, Faculty, Department of Exercise and Sport Studies, was kind enough to share her appreciation with CEO and President of the Foundation.

Dear Eloise,

I am writing to express my appreciation and thanks for your support of the ESS 3 Nutrition for Health course at UC Santa Barbara.  The financial gift from the Adelle Davis foundation will provide an essential resource to maintain a high quality of education for students.

My experience in teaching the ESS 3 course during the 2013/2014 academic year validated my belief in the importance of educating young adults on proper nutrition, making good food choices and illness prevention.  Many students respond with extreme interest and begin to make lifestyle behavior changes that will serve them well throughout life.

I am passionate about the field of nutrition and health and make it my mission to educate and lead students toward healthy futures.  Your financial gift allows me to utilize resources such as course assistants, updated software and current research in my efforts to develop the ESS 3 Nutrition for Life course with great substance and quality.

Thank you again for your generosity and support.


Thank YOU Amy and thank you UCSB! Go Gauchos!