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Letter From Art Gilbert: Ph.D. & Director Wellness & Fitness Institute at UCSB

It’s Art Gilbert, the nutrition professor at UCSB.  I just wanted to personally thank you again for continuing your generous support of the large nutrition class here at UCSB.  Because of your donation, I was able to offer the class to even more students.  This year we will help educate over 1300 students on eating right. I now have two TA’s for the class and they are able to offer more office hours and provide personal contact to hundreds of students.  The comments I receive about the information gained from taking the class makes teaching extremely rewarding. Much of that is due to your support. Again, thank you so much for the enormous contribution that you and the Adelle Davis Foundation have made to the lives of the students here at UCSB.


Art Gilbert, Ph.D.

Professor of Exercise Physiology & Director, Wellness & Fitness Institute,