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Kirkpatrick Dilling and Alternative Cancer Therapies

Cancer Control Convention, about 1991-1992. KIRKPATRICK W. DILLING was a noted food and drug attorney -Mr. Dilling was Adelle Davis’ lawyer for many years.

Obituary Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, August-Sept, 2003 ,  Mr. Dilling was a champion of public health law and counsel to many early pioneers in nutrition; namely Adelle Davis, V.E. Irons, Dr. Royal Lee, and others too numerous to mention. Mr. Dilling died at his home in Northbrook on Thursday, June 19th. He was born in Evanston, Illinois, on April 11, 1920. He is survived by his wife of 54 years, Elizabeth (nee Tilden), his daughters, Eloise, Victoria Walgreen and his sister, Elizabeth Rummel. His son, Albert, died in 1999. He completed Pre-Law, Northwestern University; Law training, Northwestern University and DePaul University; Mr. Dilling was admitted to the Illinois Bar in 1947. Mr. Dilling provided counsel in negotiations and legal matters involving foreign governments, including Australia, Canada, Turkey, Malaysia, Great Britain and Haiti. Lecturer and author, various publications of Public Health Law; special witness before various Committees of the Congress regarding public health legislative matters.

Director, Liberty Lobby, General Counsel, Cancer Control Society and Executive Vice-President and Director, Adelle Davis Foundation. Mr. Dilling’s war record included serving in a top-secret “denazification” indoctrination program among approximately 350,000 German war prisoners in the US. During a tour of duty in the India-Burma theatre Mr. Dilling spent considerable time both as Trial Judge Advocate and Defense Counsel in court martial cases. In April, 1946, Mr. Dilling was designated a special “officer-courier” in connection with the war crimes trials then being conducted in Rangoon, Burma.