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Health & Wellness Workshops and Demonstrations

Kira Glynn (a Wellness intern), who encouraged undergraduate Erica Yates to jump on the Fender Blender bike. Erica blended her smoothie with bike pedal power (the Fender Bender is one of the Healthy Snacks initiatives.)

THE ADELLE DAVIS FOUNDATION’S SUPPORT FOR “Nutrition for Health” and Health & Wellness Workshops and Demonstrations

“Nutrition for Health”
Professor Art Gilbert
During the 2011-2012 academic year, Dr. Art Gilbert taught “Nutrition for Health,” a 3-credit academic course offered through Exercise and Sports Studies, to nearly 1,400 students this year alone. Held in Campbell, UC Santa Barbara’s largest lecture facility, Dr. Gilbert’s syllabus covered basic principles of nutrition and examined the interdependent relationships between diet, health and disease. The information presented to students in this course encouraged them to develop lifelong healthy habits.

The generous gift from the Adelle Davis Foundation supported stipends for six teaching assistants, for each of the six classes. The teaching assistants are respected peers and role models for wellness; they are knowledgeable about nutrition and the course content and are at ease in communicating with students in classroom, small group and individual discussions.

In “Nutrition for Health” 1,400 UC Santa Barbara students:

  • Learned the six classes of nutrients and how they function in the body.
  • Considered the ramifications of poor food choices and how to distinguish between a better or worse food choice.
  • Affirmed that lifestyle has impacts on health and longevity and that nutrition is a key to good health.

Program supervision by:

Sabina White, Director of Health Education
Mark Shishim, Health & Wellness Educator

Health & Wellness Corps – Healthy Snacks

UCSB Health & Wellness student interns provided 15 cooking demonstrations for students attending weekly Health & Wellness Corps meetings. Sessions taught students how to make healthy, easy-to-make, low cost snacks, such as: seasoned popcorn, low-calorie blended drinks and tortilla chips with black beans and corn salsa. In all, Health & Wellness student interns served 600 healthy snacks to hungry students this year.

Cooking Healthy on a Budget
An especially timely workshop responded to recent tuition increases at UC Santa Barbara and stretched student budgets, Health & Wellness interns created Cooking Healthy on a Budget to share how to make “great nutritional meals on a budget”. Student interns targeted demonstrations to undergraduate students living in campus residence halls who plan to move out next year and live independently—on their own as young adults for the first time in Isla Vista apartments. Menus included: couscous chicken with green apples, feta tomato salad with crostini and white bean vegetarian chili. A total of 120 students attended these cooking healthy demonstrations.
Operation Snack Attack
UC Santa Barbara student interns manage this student-run initiative to provide nutritional snacks to the
students on Friday and Saturday nights in Isla Vista. Over 5,300 snacks were distributed by Operation
Snack Attack last year. Each snack includes a message that eating food before drinking alcoholic beverages
slows the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream.

WELLNESS GOALS for 2012-13:

1) Increase the number of students served Healthy Snacks by 20%, distributing the snacks in additional locations, such as in front of the Student Resource Building, at the Recreation Center and at “Find the Fender Blender” smoothie promotional campaigns (this blender runs on energy from bike pedal power)
2) Incorporate more local, organic produce in these tasting events.

1) Increase the number of students served by Cooking Healthy by 20%.
2) Expand to new locations within Student Affairs departments, such as the Recreation Center and MultiCultural Center and at the Community Housing Office’s Isla Vista Housing Faire.

1) Increase the frequency of snacks served to students: 600 students
participate per night with two-three snack attack events scheduled each quarter.
2) Pilot the inclusion of Fender Blender smoothies in the nighttime events.

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