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Friends of UCSB Student Affairs

UC Santa Barbara: Friends of Student Affairs

Back Row: (Left to right) Vice Chancellor Student Affairs Michael Youg; Dean of students Yonie Harris; Angela Andrade; Eloise Dilling; Sabina White, Bill Shelor; Michael Takahara; Anita Ho; Nalek Guerbaoui; Lorie Morris; Gabe Dominocielo, Debbie Fleming. Middle Row: (Left to right) Mark Sishn; Joanna Hill; Diyana Dobberteen. Front Row: (Left to right) Wellness Corps students: Anna deRuyter; Kira Glynn; Reikan Lin

Message from the President

On the 27th of October, 2011 the Adelle Davis Foundation was recognized along with Eloise Dilling and Gabe Dominocielo for our continuing support for wellness and nutrition programs. We were invited to the Student Affairs fall division meeting on Thursday, October 27, 2011. There were 400 in attendance.  Sabina White provided a PowerPoint presentation which included various photographs and events that the Foundation had been involved in recent years.

The “Friends of Student Affairs” was a wonderful occasion to honor the Adelle Davis’ Foundation’s continuing dedication. Vice Chancellor Michael Young, Dean of Students Yonie Harris, Catherine Boyer and several staff and students held an informal reception which included a very nice presentation of their various snacks, healthy choices and how they are prepared. We were honored to receive recognition for our many years supporting the Health and Wellness program and also our support for teacher assistants for Art Gilbert’s nutrition classes.