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Fitness Guru Jack Lalanne

Fitness Guru Jack Lalanne

The famous fitness guru: Jack Lalanne died on January 23rd.  We should all take time to think about his passing, because he began the fitness movement generations ago, almost single-handedly.  He was followed by other spokespeople for health, such as Gaylord Hauser and Adelle Davis, to name a few.  He passed away at the age of 96, which is a ripe old age, Jack always said-“I can’t die it would ruin my image”.

Jack Lalanne was fifteen years old when he went to a lecture being given by Paul Bragg. Paul Bragg asked him what he ate and called him a “walking garbage can.” Jack took Bragg’s message fully to heart. He no longer was a “walking garbage can”. He ate no sweets nor drank coffee or tea. He started a vigorous work out program, became a star athlete and his maladies disappeared.

Jack started his first gym in 1936 in Oakland, California.  He bgan his TV career in 1952 which spread throughout homes nationwide. Jack Lalanne was given a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame in 2002. He finally had attained the respect he had long craved.

Jack Lalanne will be put to rest at Forest Lawn, in Los Angeles, California today the 1st of February.

Bless you Jack, we will miss you.

-The Adelle Davis Foundation