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Can We Beat the Game of Life?

Here is a very interesting article from the L.A. Times about longevity and the gurus that have influenced us over the past 100 years. Of course Adelle Davis was at the top of the list of those purveyors of health and longevity.

Trying to beat the game of life

For decades, longevity gurus have touted their plans. But have they delivered? Aging experts weigh in.

Here’s a look back at some of of the folks who have influenced American views of longevity and related behavior over the last 100 years- and what our aging experts have to say about their approaches.

Adelle Davis


A food faddist with training, Adelle Davis caught the ear of America with nutrition advice. She criticized  the food industry for producing poor quality, over-processed and sometimes unsafe food. She also proclaimed that the right amounts of minerals and vitamins could prevent and cure almost every disease and ailment.

She studied nutrition at UC Berkeley, and received a master’s degree in biochemistry from USC in 1938. She wrote several books on how to live a long and healthy life, which sold upward of 10 million copies in the 1960s and 1970s, including “Let’s Get Well” and “Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit.” (1970)

The verdict: What Davis did right was to help make the public more aware of the nutritional quality and safety of the food they buy. That message has had a long lasting influence.

Davis left behind a large, devoted following.
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