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5 Ways to Feel Better Today

5 Ways to Feel Better Today

Christina Markos

Feeling tired? Uninspired? Angry? Worried? Achy? Stressed? Sad?

We all have days that aren’t so great, but here is a list and some great ideas to combat those bad days and are also ways of improving your lifestyle altogether!  By making these “ways” a part of your daily routine maybe you will stop having those bad ones altogether…

1. Smile and say thank you. I know this sounds cheesy and simple but it really works.  When I write “say thank you,” I mean say thank you and follow it with a list of a few things you are truly thankful for. “I am thankful for my health,” “I am thankful for my loving mother,” “I am thankful for the dinner I am going to tonight with my friends,” etc. When you start by listing just a few, they begin to multiply and you start to realize how many things you really are thankful for. Why wouldn’t you want to multiply positive thoughts?

2. On that note-BE POSITIVE. Studies show it is literally SO easy for the mind to focus on the negative and go into a spiral of negativity. It is a conscious choice and effort to be more positive everyday, as we are more inclined to be hardwired to go to the “dark side” than we are to the “bright side”. Ways to multiply our positive thoughts other than by saying our thank-you’s can include saying a mantra, especially when that bad day or those bad feelings begin. Pick a mantra and say it to yourself. This can be done anywhere, at anytime. Simply pick what is bothering you and flip it. Or be OK with it. For example if you are achy and tired and don’t feel 100%, instead of dwelling on your aches and pains and feeling blue, acknowledge the way you feel, know that it won’t last forever and state how you want to feel- “I am not 100% today and that is OK. I will feel healthier and more vivacious soon”

3. Be Present. We are all so “plugged-in” these days. On the computer at work or school all day only to come home to a TV and/or iPad while being continuously on a smart phone. Unless you were born after Y2K you probably remember what life was like before the age of Apple, and guess what- we survived! We watched TV without being on another device simultaneously. We sat and cherished our time at dinner with friends instead of instagramming or facebooking. We left the house to run errands without a cell phone. We weren’t available to be reached all of  the time. If you are feeling down in the dumps or worried be still and be in the present. Do not fret over yesterday, it already happened. Do not over-analyze the could-be events of tomorrow, we do not know what will take place. If you’re alone, sit with your thoughts and recharge. If you are with others, give them your full attention and unplug yourself from all of your devices. If you are out to eat, really enjoy the food you are eating. If you are watching a movie, allow yourself to get into the plot and be entertained.

4. Try something new. New is almost always exciting. “New” makes you feel alive again. To recharge your life if you feel out of sorts, try something new! It can be as simple as getting yourself a coffee or smoothie on the way into work if you are someone who never does that. If you always bring your lunch to work, make a  plan to go somewhere new to eat with a friend. If you always go to the gym, get outside and take walk or a jog and feel the fresh air, or try a yoga or indoor rock climbing class. It could be that you make arrangements to sign up for a new class, or a paddle surfing lesson over the weekend. Always wanted to try painting but never found the time? Find the time. Make a healthy meal for yourself and our friends and family. This can be applied to anyone, anywhere and can be as simple as a cup of coffee or as out-of-the-ordinary as a weekend trip- it is that new experience that will surely get you out of a routine-rut and make you feel alive again.

5.  Do something nice for yourself and for someone else. This can also be as simple or as elaborate as you wish to make it. If you have been feeling stressed and worn out-make time for some alone time to recharge your batteries. Maybe that’s running a nice bath, maybe that is taking a run, maybe it is finding a quiet place to read or maybe it is going home after a long day and just simply resting. If you are someone who is hard on yourself, be nice to yourself, practice positive self-talk. If you know a friend who is going through a tough time, reach out and let them know you are there for them. Ask if they need anything. Call up a friend and see how they’re doing. One of my favorite nice things to do is to write the special one in your life a little note and leave it for them, not a text or an email, but an actual little note letting them know that you love them and wish them a lovely day. Getting a real note or letter from someone means so much these days and feels so genuine!

I guarantee that after doing one or all five of these things you will feel happier, healthier, more positive and alive. Maybe you will start to list of some thank-you’s as you wake up everyday, maybe you will pick a daily positive mantra as you brush your teeth, maybe you will take up hiking, maybe you will be more present- these little things start to make a big impact in everyday life and why settle for a life anything less than extraordinary?