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3 Immune Boosting Tips to Try Today

3 Immune Boosting Tips to Try Today

(that are tasty too!)

We are now in “cold season” and need all the tips and info on how to stay our healthiest during these months! Here are 3 easy ways and tips in promoting immune health you can easily add into any part of your day or any meal or snack. Read on and stay healthy this holiday season!

1. Skip that morning or afternoon cup of joe and instead sip on some green tea. Studies show that while green tea is helpful in preventing colds and flu’s due to the antioxidant powerhouse it is, if you do get a cold or flu drinking the good green stuff can actually reduce the amount of days you are sick and bedridden.  Extra points if you add some lemon for added vitamin C and detoxifying! EXTRA bonus- if you skip your afternoon coffee for a cup of green tea, you will  most likely have a better night’s sleep. A cup of green tea contains 1/3 the amount of caffeine a cup of coffee has and when your body is able to get the right amount of rest, your immune system is strengthened!

2. Spice up your life. Cinnamon contains essential oils that actually serve as anti-microbials that can stop the formation of fungus, yeast and other bacteria, due to these anti-microbial powers and also acts as a way to regulate the circulatory system due to its inherent warming abilities. Instead of going for the pumpkin spice latte with whip, make your own healthier version with low-fat milk or any other nondairy milk.  Sprinkle some cinnamon and nutmeg and a teaspoon of  pure agave all natural sweetener for a guaranteed pick me up. Or try one of these delicious ideas for a healthier hot cocoa with a kick that will surely warm you up or serve as a healthier dessert during these colder months:

3. Get Cruciferous. Your liver is the organ that processes everything and it needs to be able to rid the toxins from your body.  In order to ensure that  this happens, eat plenty of cruciferous veggies (aka broccoli, kale, cabbage). You can easily add kale into any smoothie (great for kids) with berries or make a delicious and healthy soup with veggies and cabbage. Throw  broccoli or broccoli slaw into any salad. These types of veggies help the liver’s ability to rid those toxins from your body ensuring immune health! For more about these amazing veggies: