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Ground Soy Patties

Recipe:  Ground Soy Patties

Let’s Cook it Right” is a celebrated cookbook dedicated to good health, good sense, and good eating. Adelle Davis believed that food should first and foremost be delicious.  This cookbook is full of ways to prepare fresh foods of all kinds in the most minimally-impacted, health preserving manner.  This book contains easy to follow recipes, a table of equivalents and an index.  The nutritional facts below were prepared by the graduate students at Cal State Los Angeles’ School of Kinesiology and the Nutritional Science program.

Let’s Cook it Right Page#:  173

Amount for 4 servings:

2 pieces               Whole wheat bread

1/2 cup                 Long grain brown rice

1                              White onion, medium

1 lb.                       Soybeans, cooked without salt

1 tsp.                     Salt

1/4 tsp.                 Black pepper, ground

1/4 tsp.                 Ground sage

1/4 tsp.                 Ground savory

1/3 cup                 Wheat germ

2 tbsp.                  Vegetable oil

1/2 cup                 Tomato juice, caned

Nutrition Facts:

Serving Size: 223.20g
Calories:  364.42
Protein:  23.93g
Total fat: 18.69g
Saturated fat:  2.52g
Cholesterol:  0mg
Carbohydrates:  31.27g
Fiber:  9.70g
Sodium:  751.62mg
Iron:  7.62mg
Vitamin A:  3.26RE
Vitamin C:  5.41mg
Vitamin D: 
Thiamin:  0.44mg
Riboflavin: 0.43g
Niacin:  1.81mg
Vitamin B6:  0.40mg
Folic acid:  142.61mcg
Magnesium:  142.15mg
Vitamin K:  1.03mcg
Diabetic Exchange Values:  1.8 Starch