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Pantothenic Acid for Gout.

We received this email from an Adelle Davis fan, they spoke about the importance of  pantothenic acid for gout. We at the Adelle Davis foundation are thankful for the story and hope this story can help others.

At 20 years of age in 1972, I came down with crippling gout which affected every muscle and joint in my body. I was bedridden for weeks with the ailment. Eventually, I was able to get around on crutches and the pain gradually began to subside although I had scattered residual arthritic pain, particularly in my fingers.. Four years later, I came down with another attack, not quite as bad as the first, but debilitating.
I turned to Adelle Davis’ book, Let’s Get Well and read the importance of pantothenic acid for gout. I have been free from gout ever since. My physician at the time stated he had never seen anyone so young with gout.

Several years ago, my brother came down with gout – his ankle and foot tender and swollen. His doctor diagnosed it and gave him a prescription. I told him about pantothenic acid and its wonderful health benefits for me. He took several 500 mgs. on successive days and within 3 or 4 days his ankle and leg were completely normal. He did not use the medicine that the doctor had prescribed for him. He has had no further problems with this disease.

I fondly remember Adelle Davis’ advice so many decades ago and the spot on help it has been for me over the years. I know I could have been an invalid. She was a pioneer and I thank God for her. She passed from this life too soon.