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  • UCSB CooksJuly 19th, 2022

    One of our most popular programs under Food, Nutrition and Basic Skills is UCSB Cooks which provides five weeks of hands-on nutrition & cooking skills education to students with no cooking experi

  • Fight COVID 19 Through Good NutritionAugust 30th, 2020

    Building your health is the best way to fight disease or infection

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    Adelle how did you first become interested in nutrition actually I came indirectly because I lived on Indiana farm

  • The Womans Hour: Adelle DavisAugust 30th, 2019

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  • Adelle’s 113th Birthday!February 25th, 2017

    Happy Birthday, Adelle Davis!
    February 25th would have been Adelle’s 113th birthday! It is hard to believe with all her wisdom and knowledge that still rings true today how old she would be now.

  • Adelle Davis’ Perfect TurkeyNovember 23rd, 2016

    Every Thanksgiving we receive requests for Adelle’ Slow Cooked Turkey Recipe, it can be found in Let’s Cook it Right Adele Davis’ best selling cookbook.