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What is Adelle's Thanksgiving Turkey recipe?

Answer a QuestionCategory: Adelle Davis RecipesWhat is Adelle's Thanksgiving Turkey recipe?
Adelle DavisAdelle Davis Staff asked 6 months ago

Just got a call for Adelle’s turkey recipe, any ideas?

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Adelle DavisAdelle Davis Staff answered 6 months ago

Perfect Turkey at Community Dinner

I wanted to give you a recipe for PERFECT turkey every time. I got this from a friend in the early 1970s and it has NEVER failed, and I have made it dozens of times; one thing I love the best is waking up early in the morning to the fabulous fragrance of turkey!!! The recipe came from a 1950s Adele Davis cookbook.

1: turn oven to 350 degrees.

2: stuff turkey, place in pan and put in oven.

3: bake one hour

4: USING OVEN THERMOMETER, turn oven to 180 degrees
(VERY important to have 180 degrees!!)

5: bake one hour per pound of turkey

6: ENJOY!!!!!!

IMPORTANT–CALIBRATE your oven to 180 degrees BEFORE the big baking day….. when your oven reaches 180, put a dot of red nail polish, or a scratch, on the exact spot on the oven dial–if you don’t pre-calibrate the 180 degrees it will take too much time to find 180 and the oven will be too hot or too cold for your Perfect Turkey.

165 degrees kills all common pathogens, and 180 degrees really kills all! stuffing will be yummy-gooey, so you may want to make some ”dry” stuffing as well. you do NOT cover the turkey, no basting, no fussing! the skin becomes somewhat of a ”cover” that keeps the juices in. there is not the volume of drippings when cooked this way (it stays in the meat), but there is plenty to make lots of yummy gravy! and yes, a 22 lb turkey will be in your oven for 23 hours.